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Beech Nook Therapy Room

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Rowan Newby

Over twelve years’ experience offering evidence-based therapies:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Schema Therapy
Stress Management

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. i.e Short-term, problem focused therapy.

Schema Therapy

Integrative psychotherapy for longer-standing problems.

Stress Management

Coaching and relaxtion “tailor made” for each individual.


Clinically proven treatment for dealing with traumatic and difficult memories.


Rowan will continue to offer therapy during any social restrictions due to coronavirus – by skype, telephone Whatsapp or in person if it is essential.

What is therapy like?

The initial sessions focus on finding out about you and the problems you want to tackle. As it progresses, the therapy can involve keeping diaries, learning and practising strategies, facing difficult memories or feelings and sometimes it takes courage. However it’s often less difficult than you think. Rowan supports and challenges her clients with a warm understanding, encouragement and an experienced guiding hand.

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Qualifications and Experience

  • Post-Graduate Diploma Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy University of Derby (2004)
  • BABCP Accreditation Level III EMDR (2007)
  • EMDR Europe Accreditation
  • Schema Therapy Training (2015)
  • NHS & The Priory Hospital Experience
  • Supervisor
  • BABCP Accreditation Liaison Officer
  • Visiting Lecturer, Post-Graduate Diploma CBT, Salford University
  • OCR Certificate in Stress Management
  • Qualified Sivananda Yoga Teacher
  • Massage Therapy, (London College of Massage 1992)
  • Registered with most health insurers
  • Experienced in medico-legal work

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

At the initial assessment, Rowan can give you an estimate on this. CBT and EMDR are usually short term – around 10-18 sessions, Schema therapy is generally longer term – ideally around a year. If you are coming with a specific budget, you can discuss what can be achieved within that at the first session.


How often and when are the sessions?

Rowan works during the day on a Monday and Tuesday. The therapy works best if sessions are weekly, so if you are someone whose work means you are frequently unavailable on these days, Rowan can help you find a therapist who works at the weekend or in the evenings. Occasionally it is possible to accommodate fortnightly sessions. The sessions are usually more spaced out at the end.

How much will it cost?

Rowan’s fees are £75 per session. The sessions last for an hour. She is registered by most major health insurers so the cost of your therapy may be covered if you have private health cover.


Where does the therapy take place?

Rowan works in a dedicated therapy room in Chorlton, South Manchester. You can find details of the location here.




Rowan often has her dog, Hector, in the therapy room with her.  He is a young cockapoo – a medium sized, gentle and friendly dog. 
Cockapoos don’t moult and rarely cause allergic reactions. Many clients find him a comforting presence but he is not a “therapy dog” and does not have an active part in the therapy. 
He has a pen for sleeping, and for if he occasionally gets a bit too playful!